Why An Orthodox Cemetery

Traditionally Orthodox cemeteries are located adjacent to an Orthodox Church Temple. Like the Temple, the cemetery is consecrated, sanctified, and made holy. An Orthodox cemetery is an extension of the Church Temple. St. Justin Martyr Cemetery is sacred ground that lies in the shadow of St Justin Martyr Church.

It is a place where all those who have fallen asleep lie together in hope, like those worshiping in the Church, facing east awaiting the Second Coming of our Lord.

During the Liturgy of Preparation our parish clergy pray for those who are lying asleep in the cemetery. Annually, on the Sunday after Pascha, the parish gathers in the cemetery to celebrate a Memorial service (Panahida) for all the departed.

Via prayer the parish cemetery is an extension of the local worshiping community. It is a holy place, a place of peace and rest, where we await our Lord’s glorious return and our resurrection.